Ashley Wager

As students, we long for a teacher who treats us with respect. We long for a teacher who brings creativity into their lessons. We long for a teacher who makes each and every day tolerable. We long for a teacher who isn’t afraid to joke around with us. We long for a teacher who we wish we could have every year, rather than just once. We long for a teacher who loves spending each and every day with us.

There are many teachers who fit some of these attributes, but there is one teacher who goes above and beyond what is required as a teacher. Her spunky personality shows through her lessons. Whether it’s by playing the fly swatter game or thinking of mnemonic devices for Spanish vocabulary, she is always trying different teaching methods in order to help her students succeed. This teacher is someone who could impact nearly any student. She is someone who will greet you whenever you see her, and in response, you’ll say, “Hola, Señora Wager!”

This is Mrs. Ashley Wager.