Scott Dauve

This teacher is a rare gem; a person able to inspire students about the seemingly uninspiring- this attribute alone is what transforms a humdrum educator into an amazing one. This teacher is funny β€” so funny that the ideas being taught are actually accessible for comprehension. Not only that, but the comedy actually has a positive learning effect. If I think something is funny, it is guaranteed to stay within reach of my memory for a good while. This teacher does not teach a blow off class, in fact, he teaches one of the most difficult classes on my schedule. The idea of a hard class being my favorite is yet another rare idea. This teacher is available; he goes the extra mile to make sure that each student has the tools available to succeed.

This teacher makes me genuinely feel prepared for the future; he makes me feel ready for college. When you take a class within the realms of what you want to major in after high school, you have to ask yourself if the subject is one that you would enjoy on a day to day basis. This teacher makes me feel confident with my decision. This teacher makes me look forward to going to his class, even though I have to put about twice as much effort into it. He is nice, and hilarious, and good.

He is Mr. Dauve.