Laura Kayser

When you walk into her room, you get this sense of calmness. Going to her class is one of the nicest parts of my day because she always makes me feel welcome.

This teacher deserves recognition for Teacher Appreciation Week because she always puts me in a good mood when I go to her class. She’s not my favorite teacher simply because she is nice or because she is awesome, although she is those things. She is one of my favorite teachers because she is someone I actually like being around and being in her class.

She is always herself around her students. There is nothing holding her back from being both goofy or completely serious with us. She is also always honest with us.

She has helped me realize how important school really is and that you need to try to be the best you can be. She is one of the many reasons I love being at this school and I am really going to miss her next year.

This teacher is Ms. Laura Kayser and I’m sincerely thankful for all that she has done for me during my freshman year.