John Kozlowski

Entertaining. Engaging. Enlightening. These words all describe one teacher: a teacher who makes me happy to come to class each day through his witty humor and informative teaching style.

A boring class hurts the student, who is unwilling to learn; the class, through no one being involved; and the teacher, who suffers from low test scores. A dull class hurts everyone involved and forces the students to be unmotivated. Unfortunately, this is the reality of many high school classes: boring classes with boring teachers who do not engage students. However, this pattern is broken by this appreciated teacher. Witty jokes entertain his students, keeping them interested and involved in the class, while true statements, such as “you’ll never need to know this”, assure the pupils that they are not being lied to and are learning from a trustworthy, genuine source. This atmosphere is comfortable and enjoyable for the ones being taught.

Not only does this educator engage students with his humor, but he also keeps the room educational and easy to learn in. Typed notes keep the students focused on the lesson, while examples in the note packets, which are done with the class, help the students learn to do the skills being taught themselves. This is important so that the learners make sure they understand the concept being taught. Although homework is assigned to reinforce the concept, this is necessary to the students’ education and is never overdosed. One of the most fortunate things about the class is that the homework is assigned in portions rather than large chunks and there is time in class to work on it. Many times I will leave the class with no homework at all, proof that I have learned the lesson well enough to do it quickly. This is a relief to stressed and overloaded students like myself.

There is only one teacher who could intertwine these traits into one class. A man who has made an impact on my education. A man who has touched many students. A man worthy of being appreciated. This teacher is Mr. John Kozlowski.