Stacey Denningman

There’s nothing more terrifying than walking into school thinking that for some reason, a teacher is going to dislike you. My anxiety grew with each passing minute until finally the bell rang. With a heavy heart I walked to the teachers desk. Would she hate me? Would things be awkward now, would I still be able to talk and joke around with this teacher? Although what had happened was not entirely my fault, I knew I had to take some blame and I wasn’t sure how to handle this particular situation. As I started to talk, I choked up and started crying. My imagination had run away with me, instead of hating me, she comforted me.

I never thought, coming into high school, that I’d become close with any of my teachers, never thought there would be a teacher I would be comfortable enough to turn to in my time of need. No matter how small my tragedies, or even my triumphs, have been throughout this year, this one particular teacher has been there for them all. If I needed kind words of advice to help me get through heartache, or words of encouragement to give me the strength to chase my dreams, I always knew who to turn to. With tears in my eyes, or a smile on my face, I know this woman will kindly take time out of her day to listen, with genuine concern, or excitement, as I ramble on about everything that’s bothering me or even pleasing me.

I cannot say how great my appreciation for Stacey Denningman truly is. Not only do I see her as a role model, but I hope I can remain close with her later in my life.