Steve Bohning

This teacher always has an answer for his students. We could be discussing the trade routes in Africa and somehow connect it to the problems of today. Even though this might get the class off track at first, he always brings it back to the points we need to understand.

He is a teacher who actually challenges his students. He doesn’t sugar coat the reality of the world or how students should treat their education and encourages us to continually pursue what we want to do. His humor always brings laughs even sometimes when it could be at yourself. He never treats his students like children, rather future adults who will hopefully do something constructive in society because he has told us he sees a lot of students who do not try at all.

His class has helped me feel prepared for what’s ahead in college. The homework can be hard at times and learning how to conquer a DBQ was frustrating in the beginning, but in the end it all comes down to how much you put in you will get out. I’m very grateful to have had this teacher three times in my high school career, his opinions and viewpoints of the world are honest and genuine providing insight and encouragement to go and search for the information ourselves. Thank you for instilling those qualities in your students.

He is Mr. Bohning