Scott Thorpe

Walking through the doors as a pudgy, little freshman, I was instantly full of anxiety and fear as I noticed the towering upperclassmen and the extensive hallways. Hour after hour, this fear grew as my teachers explained what I should expect for the next four years.

Suddenly, I was comforted as I entered my science classroom. My teacher repeated everything else that I was told, but his demeanor was much more positive, relaxing and definitely more comical. His sarcasm and jokes would ease me into my freshman year, and I am truly thankful that I was able to have him as a teacher.

Not only did he teach me a lot about physics, but he also taught me about life and how to succeed in high school. This man was Mr. Scott Thorpe. His class freshman year was truly one of the most enjoyable I have ever had, and I’m disappointed I have not had the pleasure of taking his class again.

Nevertheless, I thank you, Mr. Thorpe, for helping ease the transition from middle to high school.