Lauren Barth

In the midst of struggling to find the perfect words to open my reflection on the merits of a certain teacher, I found myself arriving at a single conclusion again and again: no matter what words I choose, she will be able to take them in — and then translate them into more languages than most of us will ever understand.

What a charming gift she has. ‘Gift’ is not even the right word, really, because saying she has a single gift is a tragic understatement somewhat akin to saying that the only good part of France is the Eiffel Tower. This professeur possesses a deep passion for language and culture that illuminates every one of her classes. It is a passion that does not discriminate, an enthusiasm that can be felt by every one of her students. She handles seven classes in the time of six with confidence and finesse. Her speech shifts flawlessly between three languages. Her knowledge of the French and Spanish languages is vast, and she never hesitates to share it, but it is the spark behind this knowledge that impresses me the most. Every day, this profesora touches the lives of hundreds of students with her happiness, charm, and kindness. I am infinitely glad she does. It is certainly a gift in itself to be able to study under the caring direction of such a wonderful teacher. Over the past year, it has become exceedingly clear that the best gifts know no language barriers. This teacher is Mrs. Lauren Barth.