Trisha Morrow

The inconvenient truth of high school is there will be classes that students simply do not want to take. Whether it be a large workload, lame curriculum, bad teacher or any other countless reason, students will go to far lengths to avoid taking those classes.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot get out of math. All through my schooling career, math has been a subject I’ve dreaded on my schedule. I couldn’t escape it. For 50 minutes a day, the life was sucked dry from my body. That’s always how it was, until I began a class with a teacher that would change my perception on the subject.

The way this teacher went about class was something so different and unique. No longer was I engulfed in 40 minutes of lecture, 10 minutes of homework. Instead, the class was switched. Class became the perfect fit for me — shorter lectures with plenty of time to work on assignments. This added time allowed me to get personal instruction in class, a foreign concept in all my previous math classes.

The openness by which this class was ran was an amazing relief. This teacher truly cared about how well the students understood the information, and by setting the class up in this way, students had access to grasp all the knowledge with major convenience.

I am one of the students that has directly benefited from this ease of access, and without it, I would have undoubtedly failed Algebra 2.

Fortunately for me, Mrs. Trisha Morrow gave me the opportunity to succeed.