Brian Cissell

There comes a point in each high schoolers’ career when they find a true role model in their school. They find a person who lives the ideals that they preach and is the epitome of a gentleman. This individual, my government teacher and basketball coach, has taught me more life lessons through his lectures, pregame speeches and general conversation than any other individual at Francis Howell Central. Last year, when his brother suffered a life threatening car accident, this individual put his family before work as any family-oriented individual should do.

Merely getting by is not an option for his students, athletes or his sons. He will push until he gets the best that you have to offer and can show almost anybody that they can do more than they ever thought possible. He is a great leader, and an even better teacher. In his words, “Coaching a varsity-level team, or working with 17-or-18-year-olds is no longer all about teaching, it’s about motivating men and women to go out and make an impact.”

This is why I appreciate Coach Brian Cissell.