Linda Palmer

Students have a routine everyday consistently getting up in the morning, going to school and sitting in a desk for seven hours. When you continuously do that for four years, it gets old. As I walk into her classroom though, I don’t get the standard “here is a worksheet, do it, turn it in.” She has you sit down and really understand the concept of the lesson. Before the new lesson is taught, she never fails to ask if anyone needs help with the homework from the night before. If you do, she explains it the way you want it explained, not how it is generally learned. She understands that every student learns a different way and helps them one on one when they struggle. Talking to her on the side, I learned that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye. As a teen, she struggled with teen pregnancy, but since then has set goals in her life and achieved them to the highest standards. With her determination, she helps students reach their highest potential as she did. As being one of her lucky students, I would like to thank Mrs. Linda Palmer for always being there to answer my math questions, listen to me and give me advice when I needed it.