Matthew Schott

It’s rare that you come across someone in high school that totally changes your life. Walking in as a fifteen-year-old freshman, I was just hoping I could survive. I had no idea where I was headed or what was ahead of me, but I can say the last thing I expected was to be recruited by a tall bald man who said “uhm” a little too often. This teacher took a chance on me, taking me into his publications when I was an intimidated freshman who had never touched a camera worth more than $200. I would have never expected this man to become everything he has for me: he has taught me more life lessons than anyone else, has inspired me to reach for more than I expected and has caught me countless times when I have fallen. This man proves that a teacher can be more than just that. When a teacher cares and is as passionate as he is, they can become a true, lifelong role model and father-figure to countless students. He takes his achievements humbly, and shows that “good” is never good enough. I’m sure none of you who know me are surprised by this, but the teacher who I will always honor is Mr. Matthew Schott.