2012-13 FHC Publication editors announced

FHC Publications is proud to announce its editors for the 2012-13 school year.

Leading the Central Focus this year will be the senior trio of Kelci Davis, Sean Gundersen and Madeline Wilson. Davis will serve as the Visuals Executive Editor for the third consecutive year, Gundersen will take over the reins of FHCtoday.com as Multimedia Executive Editor, while Wilson will take control of the monthly publication of the Central Focus.

All three seniors are accomplished journalists who will continue the tradition of excellence created by the editors who have gone before them and will continue to build and improve upon that tradition.

This year, the Central Focus will be adding a broadcast to their endeavors, creating a 5-8 minute broadcast two times per month and augmenting the updates the FHC community can find on FHCtoday.com with further video coverage of FHC sporting events.

Newspaper editors

Visuals executive editor: Kelci Davis
Print executive editor: Madeline Wilson
Multimedia executive editor: Sean Gundersen
Delve editor: Blake Beck
Sweat editor: Cody Jones
Be Heard editor: Madeline Newton
The Scene editor: Jessica Mugler
iFocus editor: TBD

The staff of the Odyssey will be embarking on a different challenge this year, as they create FHC’s first chronological yearbook. As such, editors are being assigned to a group where they will manage a group of staff members and be responsible for a certain number of pages in the yearbook.

Yearbook editors

Blue editor: Brittany Thomsen
Yellow editor: Katie Crank
Green editor: Kristin Lorenzini
Purple editor: Julia Becker

All editor decisions announced were made with the input of the previous year’s editors and are the final decision of Mr. Schott.