FHC Homecoming White Out Game

    FHC Football against FHN



    In this photo, the team is trying to defeat FHN with the crowd behind them cheering for them.

    Homecoming week ended with the fun white-out game against Francis Howell North, on September 23. It took place at FHC at 7pm.  Many students showed up and participated in wearing white; there was tons of screaming and cheering for the football team.

    Since it was homecoming week, the football team was more pumped up than ever and determined to do the best that they can and win for our school. Players Cameron Hatten, Luke Ezell, and Jackson Berck all felt this way and did the best that they could that night.

    Sadly, the football team lost to North with the score of 43-40. The team and school were sadden by the fact we lost since it was our homecoming white out game.

    “We were not focused enough for this game at the end, our minds were not in the game.” Berck said.

    This game wasn’t like any other football game that FHC has every friday, this game was at the end of our homecoming week, which made the players want to win even more so. Hatten has been playing football since he was 5 years old and he really was determined to play good for this game.

    “It was our homecoming game and everyone wants us to win, we made sure we were ready to play and do our best.” Hatten said.

    For Ezell, he has been playing football since 6th grade, the game was upsetting because we had lost with 20 seconds left of the game, because it was a home game, there was a lot of students there, more than usual, which makes him and the other football players to do a good job and win.

    “It was really upsetting to lose, especially since it was the homecoming game and since it was my last homecoming,” Ezell said. “I really wanted to win for our school and for all the people that had come to watch us play.”

    Berck, who has been playing football since 2nd grade, on the other hand thought it was a really exciting game to play and was really motivated and ready for that game. He does believe though that the team could’ve done better and win, but that is always what the next game is for.

    “For the next games, me and the rest of the team are gonna be fully focused and more determined so we can win.” Berck said.
    To do even better for the next football game, the team is gonna try to finish strong and go 100% all the way through. They will keep practicing and trying their hardest to win the next game and many more games to come. Berck had mentioned.