Inserra attempts to help trapped hawk ‘run’ home

At approximately 10 a.m., school resource officer Troy Inserra was doing his daily diligence down by the baseball field, when he noticed a bird stuck in the netting of the girls batting cage. Upon further inspection, Inserra discovered that the bird was actually a hawk.

Inserra attempted to free the hawk by propping a stick and one of his tools against the fence, but it was all to no avail. Having a hawk in the net would create major distractions for softball practice after school, so Inserra decided to get the professionals involved.

He called for help at 10:09 a.m., and around 11 a.m., Becky Robertson from the Department of Conservation, showed up to free the bird.

“She showed up, and put her gloves on. I started to cut the net a little. Eventually she was able to grab it and set it down,” Inserra said. The bird did not immediately fly away.

Fellow resource officer Jerry Roberts was on the scene to observe the freeing process.

“It sat there, and went into an attack position, but just continued to sit there. It was exhausted,” Roberts said.

“It took it about five minutes to fly away, then it took off north. It flew into a dead tree a little bit away from the field,” Inserra said.