Guidance office offers windows of opportunity

The new school year always brings changes about, and this year even the guidance office is adopting some new practices. Many students have noticed that the windows between the guidance office and front hallway have undergone a rather colorful makeover since school concluded in May.

“The windows will now be painted with useful information,” Mrs. Lisa Lipin said, an administrative assistant in the guidance office.

This information is to include such things as ACT test dates, A+ announcements and deadlines, as well as other important matters of a similar nature, according to Mrs. Lipin. The guidance office hopes that these window-paint bulletins will be helpful, and that they will assist students in maintaining organized schedules.

In addition to this new service, guidance will also be modifying a current one.

The college bulletin board, an amenity that was offered last year, has been given a new home just outside the guidance office, allowing easier access to scholarship information.

“It will now list most of the colleges that are visiting FHC each month,” Mrs. Lipin said.

With these changes in place, the guidance office looks forward to another great year at FHC, and intends to make this one even better than the last.