Work hard, dance hard

As the majority of students anticipated the coming of summer, students wishing to be a part of the Sensations dance team were readying themselves for tryouts.

The dance team has tryouts twice in order to form the team, with the first being in the spring, according to captain Alicia Pavia.

“We also had tryouts last week in order to add to the team; we added three girls,” said Pavia.

After tryouts, the girls have summer practices in order to make sure they are ready for the upcoming school year, for both competitions and school events. However, these aren’t like any other sport practice. The dance team practices every single day of the month of June from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

After this month of intense practice, the girls head to camp, a four-day event that literally has the girls dancing all day long.

“We get up in the morning and practice until we take a lunch break, then we practice until dinner break, then we practice until we go to bed,” says Pavia.

At this camp, the Sensations somewhat separate in order to learn the most routines they can bring back for the upcoming school year. They also compete for a bid in order to compete at nationals, which they did receive.

This year the Sensations hope to place in the top ten at nationals, preferably better than eighth, where they placed last year. They also hope to place in first at state competition this year.

Some changes for the Sensations this year include new coaches. Ms. Nicole Huffman, sponsor for the dance team last year, will not be returning this year as Roxanne Henry, sister to junior officer Stephanie Henry, and Jodi Nichols are now the sponsors. Although Huffman chose the captains last year, the new coaches finalized the teams after the tryouts this fall.

The Sensations will put their practices to the test this Friday night at the first football game of the year during halftime, and at their first competition in December.