Humble Beginnings

Anyone who was a student at FHC for any of the past three years knows exactly who I’m talking about when I mention “Clockwork.” In fact, even if you haven’t been graced with the honor, per se, of being a Spartan, you probably know “Clockwork.” The trio, consisting of alumnus Jordan Slone, his younger brother junior Logan Slone, and their friend, junior Logan Mohler, started playing music together way back when in 2009 under the moniker In the Crawlspace. Alumnus Cameron Beck was also in the band. Jordan Slone described their sound as an alternative rock style.

“[We] kind of sounded like Taking Back Sunday … only bad.” said the elder Slone.

Mohler chimed in with “There are videos on YouTube if you don’t believe us.”

In November 2010, In the Crawlspace decided to call it quits. However, the Slone boys hadn’t lost their love for music. From the ashes of In the Crawlspace emerged According to You; an acoustic band featuring Jordan Slone on guitar and Logan Slone on bass. Mohler, who plays drums, had somewhat of a hot-and-cold relationship with this project. He said it was something about the Slones always being late to practice, however, the brothers declined to comment on the circumstances of that situation.

According to You, which some of you might remember from Talentpalooza 2010-2011, spawned a few songs such as “Speak to Me” and “Blending Cold Colors” which, fortunately for us fans, didn’t retire when the name “According to You” did.

In March of 2011 (Mohler was with the band at this point) the idea of a new name was being thrown about. Although many good names were brainstormed, none of them sat well with the boys. Then later that month when they were in the studio, they were asked what their band was called. That’s when Jordan half-blurted out “Clockwork”, and, obviously, the name stuck. They recorded an acoustic demo that is no longer available and in June 2011 released their debut, self-titled EP, featuring the songs “Speak to Me” as well as “Blending Cold Colors” along with “Calling You Out,” “Screenplay,” and “Moshi Moshi,” that they recorded at Red Alert Studios in Nashville, Tenn. with producers Jim Manno and Justin Flagg. Since then, the boys in Clockwork have been playing any venue they can, and even opened for fellow Missourians Never Shout Never. This past weekend Clockwork played LouFest, which also hosted notable acts such as the Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr.

The sky’s the limit for these talented musicians. They’re recording again this September at Spotlight Sound Studios in Atlanta and the producer is a former producer of popular hip hop artist Akon. They also recently won the Dan Marsala Challenge, a competition that took place in St. Louis and was put on by the lead singer of Story of the Year, Dan Marsala (Story of the Year has its roots right here in St. Louis). The reward for winning the competition is the opportunity to record in the same studio that Story of the Year recorded at.

Whether it be fate, luck, or the Force, the boys in Clockwork have something great going on. If you haven’t heard their brilliant music before, seize this opportunity and go to now.

If you want to catch Clockwork live before they hit the studio again, be sure to go to the FHC Walk-a-thon on Sept. 7th from 7-9 p.m. Worth of Tomorrow, as well as my band The Ragstripes, will also be playing. Come on people, it’s a free show. And as always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]