Back to the grind

In years past, the general sentiment toward returning to school for yet another year has been less than pleasant. This year, however, things are looking a pretty positive to Principal Dr. Sonny Arnel.

“Maybe I’m looking through rose-colored glasses, but the average kid I talk to in the hallway is happy,” noted Principal Sonny Arnel. “You couldn’t get a better environment anywhere in the country.”

Hundreds of students and parents were in attendance at the home opener this past weekend, to the delight of Principal Arnel, who always looks to promote an active and encouraging environment both during the school day and beyond, at both home and away sporting events.

“Do I wish the whole town would shut down on Friday nights just to support our football team? That would be beautiful,” remarks Principal Sonny Arnel.

Promoting a positive climate is a huge focus of Principal Arnel’s, but other aspects of the school year are not left neglected. In addition to goals pertaining to the climate of the school, the administration has proposed quarterly goals in aspects such as academics, behavior, and attendance.

“We look at last year’s information, and we always see what we can do to improve,” explained Arnel.

The school administration monitors AP, ACT, and EOC scores in order to gauge the academic success of students, as well as keeping track of quarterly disciplinary reports, primarily for truancies and tardies.