Varsity cheerleaders take on Regionals

It’s the start of a new school year, and the start of a new cheer season. The varsity cheerleaders started this year off right and came in with a bang. On July 17th the girls competed in the 2012 Regional competition, along with 5 other teams. They emerged victorious placing 2nd overall. Junior Shelbi Ello described the competition as being challenging.

“The teams we went against were all really good but we still went out and did our best” said Ello.

The girls went through long and hard practices throughout the summer to prepare themselves for this competition. They practiced their routines over and over until they were as close to perfect as they would ever be. There were a lot of different emotions going into this competition, but excitement seemed to be the greatest. According to senior Danielle Austin, there were many mixed emotions in relation to the confidence level of the team.

“Believing in ourselves was our biggest challenge, with everyone being so anxious,” said Austin. “In the end we just went in and made sure we hit the routine we knew we could.”With regionals completed, the team is looking ahead to the rest of the season, and gearing up for the first varsity football game of the season.