First victory of the season

Tuesday, was an exciting day for the boys soccer team, winning their first game as junior Erik Reese had expected.

“We are going to win, because we’ve beat them in the past,” said Reese prior to the game.

The Spartans beat the Jaguars from Fort Zumwalt West 3-0. Junior Ryan Schoenwandt scored the first goal of the season right before the ending of the first half. Austin Pierce scored two goals later in the second half. After the win, coaches Nick Beckmann and Derek Phillips decided senior Ricky Remolina had worked the hardest, making Remolina player of the game and captain for the game against Timberland this Thursday. Remolina is very excited for this honor.

“When the other captains [Brett] Hodges and [Nic] Powers go up before the game, I get to, too,” said Remolina.

After earning this exciting victory, Remolina and Reese have both become more motivated.

“Now that this game is over we are preparing to beat Timberland,” said Reese.

As a whole, the team is keeping with the winning state of mind.

“After we beat Timberland we’ll be getting ready to beat Howell next Wednesday,” said Remolina explaining that he expects all of Spartans to come to their first home game. He added, “We are going to destroy [on] Thursday.”

Although the team has lost to Francis Howell High in the past, it’s the Spartans rival and the team is ready to show them how it feels to be defeated.