Keeping spirits up


Kortney Sheahan

Senior Sean Earl works in Mr. Cross’ marketing class, which is closely affiliated with the DECA program.

Yesterday, St. Charles County voted against Proposition Howell, 52.7 percent to 47.6 percent. The 60 cent tax levy would have helped maintain FHSD schools. Some of FHSD students are old enough to vote, but many aren’t, though they are the ones this outcome is affecting.

The schools are now going to be receiving budget cuts that will impact many departments, Including but not limited to art, business, FACS, and language classes. Underclassmen like sophomore Sydney Love, weren’t allowed to vote yesterday, but they are greatly impacted by the outcome.

“It was a tax increase and people don’t like to pay money, so I know a lot of people who didn’t vote on it because they don’t want to pay more taxes than they already do, “ Love said.

Buses may only be offered to students who live three and a half miles or more from the school next year according to the Budget Reduction Considerations on the district’s Board Docs website. The board is considering a four-day school week for next school year as well.

“I’d have to walk to school and I would not be a happy camper,“ Love said.

Though obviously students will see changes in things around the school, the board wants to keep that disruption to a minimum. The board will probably meet in the next few days, according to Mr. Scott Harris, and try to figure out how they can solve this without interrupting the students too much.

“At this time we’re not sure what the cuts will be, the Board of Education will meet in the next couple days along with the district administration to determine the best way to make those cuts with the least amount of negative impact on the students. Then they’ll go to each building and say what the cuts are for each building and the activities,” Mr. Harris said.

Some counties, like Montgomery, have even seen improval in attendance in both teachers and students after implementing the four-day school week. It allows both parties the opportunity to get appointments and other things done during the week instead of hoping they can do it on the weekend.

Teachers and administration are trying to keep their spirits up as best as they can. They can’t change the outcome now, they just have to accept it and go on with their schedule as much as possible since nothing will change this school year. Dr. Sonny Arnel is trying to keep a positive attitude.

“We don’t control a lot of things that happen in our lives, but we control our attitudes and how we approach those results,” Dr. Arnel said.

Of course, the initial reaction is still disappointment that the community isn’t willing to support the schools.

“I think the entire district is disappointed, because we have such a strong district, we have so many positive things here. We’re one of the top districts in Missouri, three of the top high schools in Missouri and the region. And those things don’t happen by accident, we have good people doing good things, but they take resources to do that, “ Mr. Harris said.  “But being the great district we are, with great teachers and coaches, I think we’ll work together. “