Unraveling a mystery

Dendrochronology lab focuses on trees around haunted house

During the class notes, the students learned about dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) and were prompted that they would be doing a small project, being a dendrochronologist themselves.

At the beginning of the class hour, biology teacher Mrs. Luanne Scott told a story about the haunted home she lived in for not even a year. She told her students about all the events that happened at the home before she took over residency and she told the students what had happened to her in the house while she was staying there.

 “I heard the door open, and so did my dog,” Mrs. Scott said. “But, when we went to check, the door was locked and nobody else was in the house.”

After the story, the students were prompted to go into the lab area and were given photos of tree rings. Their assignment was the compare the multiple trees they were given and determine the year the tree was planted, when it died, and how old it was when it died.