Test review made fun

50-Point Monday gets Mrs. Scott’s students active in her pre-AP Biology class.


Emma Larivee

Sam chen, an 8th grader; and Thomas Lowrey are working together on the cellular respiration diagram. Chen, on the left, is asking Lowrey, on the right, for help on where to play the piece.

On Oct. 24, Mrs. Scott’s Pre-AP Biology class had 50-Point Monday. The point of the day was to review the concepts of cellular respiration and photosynthesis before the chapter test. Some of the activities include making a diagram of the stages of photosynthesis, answering questions from the book, and matching cards to definitions.

Many of the students were very stressed out about the chapter test. “This is the hardest test they will take all year,” Mrs. Scott said. The average grade on the test last year was a low B.

Many of the students after reviewing during the 50-point activity day felt that they were pretty confident for their test. The activities were hands-on and involved resulting in better test grades.