Senior dancers start late

This year, as Spartan Nation watched their first halftime show of the year, the Sensations put on an their first routine. However, two important faces were missing from the group of girls: seniors Brittany Hackmann and Emily Snider.

The two girls did not try out last spring, instead waiting for the fall, and as such, missed out on a few things. When asked why she tried out in fall, Snider had this to say:

“I was sad I didn’t try out [in the spring], and with the change of coaches I decided to give it a try.”

Hackmann commented only to say that she agreed with Snider.

Due to the fact that the girls joined the team after the start of the school year, they were unable to participate in some of the already choreographed dances.

“Starting in the fall caused me not to be able to go to dance camp, and I was unable to perform at the first football game,” said Hackmann.

The girls not only missed dance camp, but also the summer practices and freshman transition day.

Although the girls got off to a slow start, they nonetheless still have big goals for the future.

“We want to get in the top ten for both [of our dances]. Last year we met our goal for one dance, and for state we always want first,” said Snider.

Even though the two can’t be captains due to not trying out until the fall, both are still sure to be strong leaders this year.