A Night to Remember

As I’m sure most of you know, this past Friday was the Second Annual FHC Walk-a-thon. If you didn’t know that, then I wasn’t nearly as annoying as I should have been. Nick Jones, Cory Mercurio, and I all had a phenomenal time, as did the other bands, and we hope all of you who went did too. For those of you who decided you were too cool for a school sponsored function on a Friday night, this is for you.

My band played first. We were supposed to have a 30 – 45 minute set, but evidently we were on stage for about an hour…oops. Sound check took longer than we thought I guess. We played seven of our originals and a pretty mediocre cover on The Outfield’s 1985 hit “Your Love” that we dedicated to all of the parents. Despite our extended stay, we got nothing but positive feedback from the people watching (and no, not just our friends). We owe a big thanks to everyone who came for not having something better to do with their Friday night.

Next up was Clockwork. Although the electrics in Jordan Slone’s guitar stopped working before they even started (Nick lent his guitar to Jordan); they killed as always. I even got a free Clockwork bracelet that you’ll be able to see me sporting on my fangirl wrist if you pass me in the hallways. Clockwork more than pleased the crowd with Jordan’s almost angelic melodies and Logan Slone’s passionate back up vocals, accompanied by Logan Mohler’s obliterating (in a good way) drum beats. Alumnus Damon Stark and I donned them “Coldplay and Sons” for their flawless mixture of the styles of their two biggest influences.

Following Clockwork was Worth of Tomorrow. These boys really have mixed things up since I last saw them at Talentpalooza. While their style may not be my cup of tea, they’re still doing it right. They’re crunching guitars, hammering drums, and Gordon Wade’s mix between smooth and raunchy vocals really put an awesome spin on the night and kept most people intrigued throughout their set. We also owe them a big hug and thank you for letting us, and Clockwork, use their PA system.

All in all, Friday was a blast, and I feel sorry for those of you who couldn’t make it. I’m looking for new bands to blog about! If you have any suggestions, shoot them my way, as well as questions and comments, on Facebook, Twitter (@ryanthesilver), or at [email protected]