Raise your voice

Francis Howell Central is employing several new tactics to help maximize feedback from students. One of these is the implementation of individual principals’ councils.

“One of Dr. Arnel’s main focuses is involving as many people in decisions that affect FHC,” said Principal Dave Stofer.

Each principal has their own council composed of trusted students, generally from their section of the alphabet. These councils contain mainly 10-12th grade students, but Dean Todd Berck, who presides over the freshmen, includes them in his council.

“I tried to include a good mix of culture and a good mix of activities, whether it’s band or soccer,” said Principal Stofer. “We want to hear from every subgroup of students and give everyone a chance to have a voice.”

In addition to the assistant principals’ councils, Dr. Arnel and Activities Director Scott Harris have groups that they consult with as well. Mr. Harris is heading the Activities Leadership Council, which is composed of members from nearly every sport or activity at FHC, ranging from dance captains to theatre co-presidents to wrestlers.

“The main focus of the Activities Leadership council is to boost school spirit, enforce sportsmanship, and promote our positive beliefs through activities,” said Harris. “We are gathering and implementing ideas from student leaders about how to improve FHC.”