Two wins, one week

The Spartans’ and the Vikings’ soccer teams took the field — both knowing it was an important game for not only them, but their whole school. The Central crowd wearing their hick attire. A handful of students stayed in the student sections for the whole game, but because of girls volleyball playing Howell at the same time many were not able to attend the whole game. After the volleyball game ended students rushed to fill the bleachers and cheered until the end, double overtime and penalty kicks. (including some of the girls volleyball team, who were eager to see Howell lose that night).

Howell scored the first goal of the game, they snuck right past the goalie, senior Clayton Luley. Coach Derek Phillips was more than screaming. Not too long after that, senior captain Brett Hodges kicked a low ball right into the corner of the net. The Spartans went wild, both the crowd and the team. The Vikings were doing the opposite, silent and upset.

The game was very tense, for two reasons. One is the fact that a lot of the players had grown up together and played on club soccer teams together. Senior  Ryan Schoenwandt explained that he had played soccer with many of the players on the Howell team, which made it much more competitive. Best friends playing best friends. And two, is it seemed as though the refs’ calls were unfair to the Spartans and favored the Vikings.

Regulation time ended with the game knotted at 1-1 and when two overtime periods failed to yield a winner, penalty kicks began. The Spartans and the Vikings both converted three attempts, but Howell then missed its fourth. Howell made their next PK, but it wasn’t enough. Final score Spartans 5, Vikings 4. Winning this game was more than exciting for the team.

Schoenwandt was the named man of the match for his incredible playing throughout the game — converting the final point for the spartans.

“I was excited to take the final PK because I knew if I made it we would win the game and it always feels greats beating our rival, and Howell was ranked number 2 going into the game,” said Schoenwandt explaining the how overwhelming taking the final shot was.

The players went wild once they won. Senior Kevin Hunkins explained it to be one of the most exciting moments they have experienced in a long while.

“Beating Howell was the best feeling ever! It proves we were under rated until this game. It proves we can’t just be pushed around,” said Hunkins.

After this game Schoenwandt was given the captain band for the tournament at North on Friday. That was later rescheduled to Saturday at Central.

Although obviously not as important as the Howell game the Mehlville game was still played as if it was. During the first half the Spartans scored 3 goals and the Panthers 1. During the second half the Spartans seemed to score goal after goal, winning the game with a score of 8-2.