Sensations steal the show

The Spartan dance team went to the Lindbergh Competition on Sunday. Some of the schools they competed against were: Howell, Ladue, Zumwalt West, and St. Dominic.They placed 3rd in hip-hop and sixth in jazz. Grace Davis thinks the team did great and and is very proud of their performance.

“My team danced really well in both of our dances. We all hit our tricks in both jazz and hip hop, and we had a ton of energy in both dances,” Davis said. “We were also very clean and together which set us apart from the other teams.”

Sophomore Reagan Miller believes they were able to do so well because of the support the team gives each other.

“The first competition is always crazy and stressful but as a team we really stayed focused on pumping each other up so that it wouldn’t be as nerve racking. I think it definitely helped us with our performance,” said Miller.

Davis thinks one thing the team could improve on would be adding more intricate elements to the dance.

“Really focusing on our technique for jazz, like turns, and hip hop tricks, like head springs or headstands. It looks really impressive to have many tricks in the competition dances,” Davis said.

Miller also believes this is one thing the team could do to add to the routine.

“We don’t have many [tricks or stunts] and if we work to add some in it would help a lot,” said Miller.

Coach Roxanne Fetsch was thrilled with the team’s performance at the competition.

“I think in our mind we weren’t going to place third and sixth, our category was hard,” Fetsch said. “We were up against big teams so that was a little bit of a disadvantage, but overall, I think the performance was fantastic.”

Senior Taylor Fumagalli’s favorite part about competitions isn’t necessarily the dancing.

“Before we go out on stage to perform, we all do a ritual, a prayer, and that’s always cool because we all come together as a family,” Fumagalli said.