Shredding ice against North

The hockey team took on Francis Howell North and came out with their second win of the season. For left wing, Sean Poth, the team chemistry gave them an advantage against their opponents.

“We can play well when we work hard. North has a couple players on their team that are pretty good, but other than that we’re just a better rounded team,” Poth said.

According to Poth, the game was not an easy win. There were struggles, including a fight, but the momentum from the beginning of the game carried the team.

“We came out pretty well, we struggled at some points but other than that I think we had the momentum to win. We took a bunch of penalties, and had a fight,” Poth said. “We came out and worked together as a team.”

For defenseman Dominic Renaud, North’s record so far was encouraging for the team and allowed them to start off the game confidently, something that waned as the game went on.

“North didn’t really play that well of a game, they haven’t had that good of a season so it should’ve been an easy win for us,” Renaud said. “We started off really strong and then about halfway through the second we just kind of let the game get away from us.”

The game exemplified a problem the team has been having all year: persistency through the game. While the team may start off strong, the strength begins to disappear as the game goes on.

“We’ve been inconsistent [this season]. We can’t have one solid game so we really wanted to get back on our a-game coming into 3rd period,” Renaud said.

The score did not totally reflect the game; the Spartans used their high skill level to their advantage and may not have worked as hard as they could have.

“North’s top line was definitely our biggest challenge for that game, but I think we had a lot more skill than North. I don’t think [the game] was really won effort wise, but it was definitely a good skillful game for us,” Renaud said.

For right wing Corey Moats, the team won because they played as a team, making it an easy win.

“We really tried hard and played our best. Everyone worked together instead of by themselves,” Moats said. “The game had no challenging part; it was an easy game.”

The hockey team will hit the ice again on Dec 30 at Lindenwood at 7:15pm against Timberland.