Powderpuff Cheerladers

In honor of homecoming week, it has always been a tradition to have a Powder Puff football game, and as part of the game the male cheerleaders put on a halftime show. Since early last week the cheerleaders have been working with the participating boys to get them prepared for their halftime performance.

The Powder Puff game has always been a popular homecoming fiestivity here, and even though not many seniors were participating this year, senior Nicole Kuhlmann still had faith in the group’s performance.

“Although there were only two seniors, they are by far the most entertaining to watch.” ┬ásaid Kuhlmann.

The two seniors were Josh Dickey and Chris Stagl. Both of these students were very excited and their performance was highly anticipated.

“I couldn’t wait to get out there and dance. It was great when we did it last year and it was even better this year.” said Dickey.

Kuhlmann, along with the other coaches Heather Mackay, Danielle Austin, Holly Ryan, and Julie Groeblinghoff, put much of their time into choreographing the routine,teaching the routine, and creating the music. Their performance was nothing less than spectacular and highly entertaining.