Worth of Yesterday

Although I’m sure more than a few hearts were broken on Saturday night, none shattered more than those of the fans of local rock band Worth of Tomorrow. I first heard the news from junior Corey Sery after the dance on Saturday. He showed me a tweet from Worth of Tomorrow frontman, junior Gordon Wade, that read:

“It was a wonderful run. It’s really hard to say goodbye. I’ll never forget the amazing times I had with you guys. Goodbye, Worth of Tomorrow.”

Everyone there was in shock. After we picked our chins up off the floor, we bum rushed Gordon with texts demanding an explanation. His replies were fairly vague, saying that it’s been a long time coming and that it just wasn’t working out. When I asked him on Sunday about what really happened, he elaborated.

“I guess for a while I’ve been unhappy with the direction we’ve been going,” he replied.

He added that collaborating as a band is difficult when there are too many strong artistic differences, which I can atest to. Aside from an artistic angle, there’s also the practicality angle. Senior Tyler Gritt, and drummer for Worth of Tomorrow, is going to college next year, which would have made it hard on the group. The hardest part about leaving the group, according to Wade, is that because he managed the band, provided the equipment, and wrote most of the songs, the other members can’t really continue on as Worth of Tomorrow. Luckily for all involved, Wade left the band on good terms, and all members of the band remain friends.

As far as future musical endeavors go, Wade said that he’s simply looking for some talent to start jamming with; nothing too serious. Anyone who is interested in a jam session with Gordon Wade should email him at [email protected] or send him a tweet @Gordonwadewade.

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