Hockey team works hard during the break

The hockey team did not take a break on the ice during winter break


Morgan West

Gabe Vendetti faces off an opponent. The team has multiple games during winter break.

Over break, while you may have slept in till noon, the hockey team was still up and moving. The team did well over break, and senior Gabe Vendetti is proud of how much they’ve grown.

“We have improved. The game we lost we still played pretty well and the game we won we were actually down, and when we’re down we usually give up, but we got back up and played the full three periods and won,” Vendetti said.

The Spartans had a couple games over break, the most notable of them being a game at Lindenwood in which there was a Carbon Monoxide leak. The leak was unknown until after the game; freshman Brendan Westcott did not even know until his father saw it on T.V.

“It was on the news, the [Carbon Monoxide] was actually coming from the zamboni; they didn’t figure it out until they had used it a bunch of times,” Westcott said.

Though there were no serious injuries among the Spartan team members, many members of Lindenwood’s Women’s team had to be sent to the hospital. Junior Dominic Renaud and his other teammates noticed some differences while playing.

“I had no idea it was happening. We were playing and I remember saying to one of my defensive partners how I was really out of breath, more than I usually was, and he agreed with me. A lot of my teammates had headaches,” Renaud said.

Sophomore Brandon Van Dillen wasn’t fazed by the gas incident and thinks that the team played really well even with the leak.  

“Throughout the game we just kept pushing through any discomfort we had, lately I’ve noticed we have really started to come together as a team,” Van Dillen said.