Injuries strike FHC’s wrestling team

Sophomores Devin Schwartzkopf, Andrew Godier, and Corey Wait explain the effects of their injuries


Devin Schwartzkopf winning in his match against Troy on Jan. 11. He hopes to win a State title coming up in mid-February.

Ranked eighth in the nation, sophomore Devin Schwartzkopf lied on his back holding his stomach while wrestling rival Francis Howell on Dec. 21. As spectators anxiously watched the event unfold, trainers and coaches rushed to his side as the referee called a timeout. Although the trainers were reluctant to allow Schwartzkopf to continue, he pushed through the pain of a broken rib to eventually win the match.

“I knew the dual was going to be close,” Schwartzkopf said, “I just wanted to finish it and win for the team.”

Upon his win, Schwartzkopf rushed to the nearest trash can and began to throw up blood. Schwartzkopf went to the ER that day and the X-ray revealed a broken rib. He was out of wrestling for three whole weeks.

Schwartzkopf’s injury is just one of many injuries that hit the wrestling team this season.

Injuries not only take player’s names off a roster; injuries can affect a team’s record, a team’s performance, and a team’s morale.

Wrestling since kindergarten, sophomore Andrew Godier has also experienced the effects of an injury this season. Before the season had truly begun, Godier broke his hand on the day of certifications.

Godier was out for half of the season, watching his teammates wrestle from the sidelines. Injuries can take a toll on an athlete’s attitude and if one player’s attitude is negative, it could affect the team as a whole. The wrestling team has been struggling lately. The team has a dual meet record of 3-5 which is the worst in Central’s history.

“I was pretty depressed,” Godier said. “[I was] ready to get on the mat.”

Sophomore Corey Wait can attest to the negative aspects of injuries as well. Wait was in the middle of a wrestling match when he turned over his ankle and sprained it.

“Injuries are always bad,” Wait said. “I’m just glad that we have somebody behind to step up.”

With injuries comes lots of pain, icing, physical therapy, sadness, and most of all- waiting. The best cure for any injury is time.

“Don’t rush back into it,” Schwartzkopf said. “Do what you need to do.”