A penny for your thoughts

There are some new features decking the halls of FHC, although some may not notice these crucial new elements without having their attention drawn to them.

In an effort to provide students an additional way to bring issues to the attention of administrators, teachers, and staff, Dr. Arnel and the drug task force have placed three Care and Concern boxes in various high traffic locations around FHC.

Across from the entrance to the library, near the parking office, and outside the cafeteria in the main hallway, metal boxes have been attached to the walls to allow students to report witnessed incidents that they would like addressed.

In addition to the student accessible boxes, there is also a box located in the teachers’ lounge, and an electronic box that can be accessed on the school’s website.

“We have a school full of kids who are not innocent bystanders of their environment,” said Dr. Arnel. “We want them to be able to create the environment that they want to exist in.”

All a student needs to do is write a note including a detailed account of the incident they want addressed and slip it in the nearest box. Dr. Arnel checks the boxes at least once per week and will address each note as he sees fit.

This all came about following the drug task force’s focus on bullying last year. The boxes are an effort to promote students to feel comfortable asking for help without drawing attention to themselves.

“I know not all of our students have the social skills or confidence that it takes to approach a faculty member with a concern,” said Arnel. “We want to create a climate where we are all active, regardless of our individual skills.”