Rival rematch

On Thursday, Howell and Central took on the field for the second time of the year. The crowd could feel tension between the players, Central hoping to prove the first game was not just a fluke and Howell hoping the opposite.

“We wanted to win this game to bounce back after the Chaminade game and to prove we could beat Howell again,” senior Brett Hodges said.

After regulation time had ended neither teams had scored a point. After two overtimes still not yielding a winner the game went into penalty kicks. Man of the match Brett Hodges scored the only PK. Immediately after the spartan crowd went insane rushing the field.

“There was a lot of people plus the (central) crowd was crazy” said Hodges.

Hodges and the rest of the team are happy about the size of the crowd that has began to be the normal and plan to return the support in the next seasons. Some very important games coming up that the team hopes more spartans jump onto the bandwagon for include Desmet, Oakville and Vianney.

“If the crowd comes, so will the wins,” said junior Erik Reese.

Although the crowds help the athletes play, it is not a motivation boost. The team tries their very hardest at every game the large crowds bring extra confidence to the athletes.

“It’s nice to know your school is behind you. Win or lose.” Hodges said.

The celebration began mid field immediately after the game, but has yet to come to end.