Tiny Little Woes

Hit pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen singer of one of the most ear-catchy songs of the year “Call Me Maybe” has released her first U.S. album: “Kiss.” This, being her first album to come out in the United States, looks to reach the same heights as her hit single that spent nine weeks on the top of the Billboard Hot 100. With the great response to her number one hit Jepsen looked to get the same response with the release of her album.

With featured songs such as “Call Me Maybe,” “Good Time” featuring Owl City and “Tiny Little Bows,” these songs will become the most listened to songs on the album. These three songs have the most upbeat tempo of the whole album. “Good Time” was featured multiple times in albums by Owl City,and gives the listener a look at the style of Owl City. While “Call Me Maybe” was released and has become one of the catchiest songs in pop this year, the first song on the album gives Jepsen’s voice a great way to open, featuring an upbeat song that compliments her voice best.

While listening to this album, I failed to notice the change from song to song. Even though this album has its moments with the big hits, it fails to showcase the wide range of Jepsen’s voice. The songs in this album always give us the same sound. If there is one way to ruin a debut album, it is to give the listener 15 tracks of the same music. That is what she has done, while adding three quality songs to spice up the mix.

First albums should not be close to 47 minutes and feature as many non-complementary songs as this does. Her song “Beautiful,” featuring Justin Bieber, is maybe an okay song, but with the way Bieber and Jepsen decide to switch the singing during the song makes it much worse. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why two pop Canadian singers would like to try a duet and get another song out to their fans, but this time it just didn’t work.

Also, every song title on this album has in one way or another to do with relationships. What Jepsen makes herself sound like is a 26-year-old who is deeply in love with her current boyfriend and wants the world to know it. Using titles such as “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” and “Wedding Ring” gives me the sense that her love life is topsy turvy even though she is currently single. Some artists, such as Adele, have attempted to pull this off with a little success, but they are better as one hit wonders.

Jepsen could have stayed as a one hit wonder and been well off, with “Call Me Maybe” being platinum five times over, and sold more than 9.1 million singles worldwide. Although she tried to put herself out there as an album singer, she has failed with this attempt.