Another game, another win


On Tuesday Jan. 31, the girls varsity basketball team visited one of their local rival schools, Francis Howell North. Lately, the girls have been playing at an high level including winning 1 of 2 tournaments and placing second to Warrenton High School in the Warrenton tournament this past month.

This past Tuesday, the team came out with a win 58-41. Going into this game, FHN had a record of 3-14 and FHC 12-5.

After Tuesday’s game, sophomore and varsity guard, Lauren Ebert, felt like the team did well on shooting 3’s in the win.

Tuesday’s game was the second and final time this season these two teams played each other. The first encounter was between the teams took place at FHC for a regular season game which ended in the Spartans winning again 53-35.

“The game went basically as planned for us. North’s defense wasn’t really stepping out the 3 point line and defending us as a whole and that’s how I received the majority of my points that night besides going to the basket and shooting free throws,” Ebert said.

Ebert’s presence was a huge factor in the game with 11 points and 4 key rebounds.

“Scoring a little more than what I’m used to wasn’t’ the easiest thing in the world,” Ebert said.

Ebert and Hannah Currant, junior, usually score a decent amount of points but, they had to step up their game even more because their friend and teammate sophomore Yani Curry was out with a sprained ankle.

Ebert, as well as others on the team, were determined to increase all of the team’s stats to balance out for Curry’s absence from the rotation.

Currant, also has been playing well these past few days without Yani Curry.

Currant has taken the role of rebounding as well as scoring to help increase the team’s chances of winning.

During the game, Currant carried the Spartans with the game high for rebounds and added a few additional baskets to the score.

“When I know I have a teammate out of the lineup I know that that will but more pressure on the team and my job is to make sure that we’re able to focus,” said Currant.

The girls next game will be on February 6, at Francis Howell High at 5:30.