Central Focus recieves prestigious awards

Clubs in the school are constantly competing for different awards. Normally, the Central Focus is the one informing everyone of other clubs’ achievements. However, the Central Focus itself is also amongst one of the higher achieving groups in the school.

Last year’s staff won the highest overall award they had been striving for, called the Quill and Scroll George H. Gallup Award. Teacher and adviser of FHC Publications, Mr. Matthew Schott was more than pleased by the achievements of the Central Focus.

“It just goes to show how hard the students on staff work. I use these awards as motivation — they set a bar of excellence for the staff to continue to grow from,” said Schott.

Senior Kelci Davis, has been involved in FHC Publications for the entirety of her high-school experience. Thus, the Gallup Award means a lot for her personally.

“It means that the risks we took when redesigning the whole paper paid off. Our efforts were worthwhile,” said Davis.

The Central Focus has also received (for the fourth year in a row) an All-American rating for the website the staff maintains. Senior, Sean Gundersen was rather proud of this achievement in particular.

“It was quite the sigh of relief. I spent the majority of summer redesigning the web because it was previously getting negative critiques in some areas. Luckily, they liked what I did, so it was great,” said Gundersen.

Now the challenge lies within maintaining excellence as a staff, and continuing to achieve these types of awards. Despite that challenge, members of the Central Focus remain determined.

“I’m really proud of the workload the staff has put forward this year. We just need to keep spreading the knowledge of design to the newer staff so they know what to do when the seniors leave. That’s really our biggest hurdle to overcome as of now,” said Gundersen.