Stroll down memory lane

Despite the the fall to Vianney, seniors Bryan Dickherber, Brett Hodges, Kevin Hunkins, Kennedy Lowe, Clayton Luley, Zach Ostmann, Austin Pierce, Nic Powers, Ricky Remolina, Jack Rodell, Jake Schaefering and Ryan Schoenwandt still seemed to see the optimistic side of the game. Tuesday was the seniors final game in Don Muench Memorial Stadium. This game invoked nostalgia for these seniors.

“This game made me realize how glad I am that I worked hard all these years to be on this team,” said Luley.

The number of times the members on this team have succeeded are countless.

Hodges, Luley, Ostmann, Pierce, Powers, Schaefering, and Lowe all agreed the quarterfinal Oakville game last year and the district game leading into the quarterfinal game were some of their best moments in all of their years playing as a Spartan.

“The quarter final game last year against Oakville was my favorite memory because it’s the furthest we have ever gone as a school,’” said Pierce. “Winning districts against Zumwalt South was the most memorable moment in all of high school, not just soccer, because it was the second soccer has ever made it that far, ever.”

Although, many felt quarterfinals last year was their most prideful moment, quite a few agreed beating Howell this year was the game they felt was most memorable.

“It’s my favorite memory with this team because it went into PK’s and the last PK was the one that decided if we won or not,” said Rodell.

The reasons differed drastically throughout the team.

“It was my favorite memory because they were ranked number 2 at the time and it was our rivalry game,” said Schoenwandt.

The hype about the Howell games did not end there.

“Beating Howell twice was my favorite memory because they’re our rivals, and our other teams seem to always fall short to them.” said Ostmann.

Contrary to most, Dickherber’s most memorable moment happened on a JV team.

“The GAC game where we beat Howell, was my most memorable moment, because it was the first time I had been on a team that beat Howell,” said Dickherber.

Having to play their last regular season home game may be a sad thought, but it has not kept them down.

“It may be kind of sad, but it gave us a wake up call and made us think what we have to do to keep the season going,” said Lowe.

“It is kind of sad, but we’re moving on to bigger and better things,” said Hodges.