Minus Me Gets Added to the Mix

Two weekends ago on Sunday Oct. 28, local venue Brewskeez hosted yet another local concert. This one was a Halloween-themed costume concert featuring the talents of Clockwork, the Davis Twins, Love Me Leave Me, and last but not least Minus Me. Although the range in generes was interesting, to say the least, featuring Clockwork’s “Coldplay and Sons” originality, the acoustic stylings of the Davis twins, and the rock aspect of both Love Me Leave Me and Minus Me; the fans had a good time. Although senior Nick Jones enjoyed every part of the concert, he did enjoy some parts more thoroughly than others.

“My favorite part of the show was Clockwork’s intro. They mixed a bunch of scary sounds that lead into the theme song from ‘The Office’,” said Jones.

However, Clockwork’s nifty intro was not the most exciting part of the night. This concert also marked Minus Me’s local debut. Consisting of sophomores Jack McCoy on guitar and vocals, Ian Fletcher on vocals, Josh Hayden on drums, Luke Gueredan on guitar, as well as junior Jonathan Grieve on bass. They tend to classify themselves as “some form of rock” according to Fletcher. Although somewhat without a paddle when it comes to naming their genre, he had a pretty good idea on how the show went.

“It was awesome. We were super nervous when we got on stage, it was really fun though, and all the other bands were cool,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher and McCoy were in bands in the past, one a hardcore band and the other a Creed cover band, respectively.

“My other band played at Cicero’s one time, but I wasn’t as nervous there because I was running around head-banging, it’s different when you’re just singing,” Fletcher said.

Despite the nerves from the spotlight it doesn’t seem Minus Me is slowing down anytime soon, which is good news for all of us. There is currently a line-up in the works for another show at Brewskeez in the very near future featuring Minus Me as well as The Weekend Routine and my band The Ragstripes, in addition to some TBDs, so keep an eye and/or ear out children. Questions? Comments? Quarrels? Email me at [email protected] in addition to following me on Twitter @ryanthesilver