Austin Mahone “says somethin”

The song “Say Somethin,” by Austin Mahone, is a catchy song with little meaning. Mahone has covered many songs on YouTube such as “Someone Like You,” by Adele, and “Mistletoe,” by Justin Bieber. These covers get thousands of views which have made Mahone the young heartthrob singer he is today. His first single was “11:11,” a great song that was ranked #17 on Heartseekers, which made every listener want more music from him. In August, Mahone wrote this song, “Say Somethin” which is ranked #34 on Top Hits Billboard Charts.

The gist of the song is classic “boy meets girl,” but, in this case, he expects her to make the first move. In the music video, Mahone is at school with his friends and the video shows him in the hall and in class situations. This video should explain what is going on in the song instead.

Mahone can easily be compared to One Direction or even Justin Bieber. If you like One Direction or Justin Bieber’s sweet, catchy lyrics, then Mahone’s “Say Somethin” is the song for you.

I like this song, but wish I could have gotten a little more information about what the song is about. Other than that, the song is very catchy and has a great beat. I can not wait to hear more from Mahone in the future.