Unconventional but irreplaceable

As ironic as it sounds, some of my best memories have been spent in lines.

Black Friday, midnight Bond premiers, Harry Potter book releases, hell, even the two hour line for the Batman at Six Flags is half enjoyable, you name a respectable line and I was probably in it to win it.

But my favorite lines of all are those before concerts. Back in my middle school days, I used to arrive to concerts as early as six hours before start time in order to ensure a preferable vantage point for any given concert.

I fondly remember a six hour wait at The Pageant in the loop with my good friend Emily Feldt for our favorite band at the time, My Chemical Romance.

It was a sunny spring Saturday. We sat on the sidewalk, each of us leaving for the occasional bathroom break or Starbucks run. At one point, after a slight power nap, I stood up and a hooded man bumped past me and crossed the street. Turns out it was the drummer at the time, Bob Briar. His bodyguard summarily turned away the fans who ran after him, myself, I was good with the bump. The night had just begun.

The concert was great. Gerard Way put on a good show, along with the rest of the band. I saw them twice after to further my love for them, most recently on their somewhat surprising tour with Blink-182. They didn’t disappoint.

They were touring for the acclaimed album “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.” What many people don’t know however, is that before “Danger Days” was recorded, the band put together a full-length album in California that they scrapped before starting anew with “Danger Days.”

Myself and fans everywhere were crushed, but last week, we were given some great news from the band. Starting Oct. 31, the band will be releasing two songs every month until February when the ten songs released will make up the lost record, “Unconventional Weapons.”

After listening to the first round of songs — “Boy Division” and “Tomorrow’s Money” — I think it’s safe to say that the future looks bright for MCR. The monthly ploy of releases has got me and numerous other fans on the edge of our seats for months the upcoming months.

They seem to have returned to the punk vibes I enjoyed the day I spent those six hours in line. And I can safely say that I would spend sixty hours more to hear them again.

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