Noteworthy season comes to an end

As the fall season began, many questions surrounded the varsity soccer team after losing 12 players to the class of 2012 graduation. Surprising to many the Spartans began to win game after game, ending their regular season 16-5 and going undefeated in the GAC South to claim their second consecutive conference title.

“It was a good feeling having such a successful regular season,” said senior Ryan Schoenwandt.

As the postseason bandwagon came together, the crowds got increasingly larger and more rowdy after each win.

“The fans definitely helped us out. They were encouraging and helped get in the other teams heads,” Schoenwandt said.

The Spartans varsity soccer team hosted the Chaminade Red Devils, Saturday. Both teams were vying for the chance to continue their season in Kansas City at the Missouri State Championship.

“We expected a big challenge, but we were nothing but confident,” said junior Erik Reese.

The game began with no obvious leader, and the first half ended with a blank scoreboard.

Thirty seconds into the second half, the Red Devils scored a goal when they launched the ball from the 50 yardline, wind behind their backs.

“When Chaminade scored, it was a big blow to our confidence that we gained after holding them scoreless for an entire half,” Schoenwandt said.

Realizing they still had time to catch up, they turned their sadness into determination, the Spartans began to play like a well-oiled machine once again. Later, the Red Devils snuck in one more goal with just three minutes left to play. That would be final goal of the evening, making the score 2-0 Chaminade. Ending the Spartans noteworthy season.