The Ragstripes Finish Recording

This past Saturday, my band finally finished recording our first demo, after months of anticipation, with alumnus Drew Anderson in his Drewdio. There are five originals on the CD; “Eye to Eye,””Sweeping Oaks,””Moosejaw,””Like Lions,” and “Better Luck Next Time, Scott.”.

“Eye to Eye,””Moosejaw,” and “Like Lions” were all written by Nick. “Moosejaw” and “Like Lions” are both about a former member of the band can everything that went down with them. “Eye to Eye” is a semi-sweet song about chasing after someone and them waiting for you.

“Sweeping Oaks” and “Better Luck Next Time, Scott” were both written by yours truly. “Sweeping Oaks” is about being stood up at a dance after weeks of preparation and its effect on my life. It was actually the first official song we worked on for The Ragstripes after we parted ways with our former member and changed our name from Like Lions. “Better Luck Next Time, Scott” is basically a self-evaluation and how I deal with myself. It gets its name from a Scott Pilgrim reference in the lyrics, so see if you can catch it when you listen to the CD.

According to Drew he should be done mixing it in just about two weeks and then it’ll be ready to give out. For those more frugal readers, the demo will be absolutely free with the promise that you will listen to it all the way through at least one time.

Cory, Nick, and I are all ecstatic about this news and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. We’ve been working on this demo since June and it’s release has been a long time coming. There have been minor setbacks and the like in the past but I promise this time it’s for real. And as soon as we get enough tangible copies burned we’re going to set up a show with some other rockin’ local bands and give them out there as well. We’re also going to look into putting it up on the web for free listening and possibly free download, but no promises as far as that goes.

No joke children, our demo is here. Tell your kids, tell your wife, cause we’re giving it to everybody up in here and the best part is that it’s free. Like us on facebook at As always email me at [email protected] with any questions or comments and follow me on twitter @ryanthesilver.