Keep it coming

Sometimes I wonder what leads a life to be deemed in “perfect harmony.”

To me, it’s a combination of all my favorite things. The people, the weather, the music, the happenings and goings-on of day to day life, the holidays; it all comes together this time of year into — dare I say it — perfect harmony.

I write this blog currently scored by Andrew Bird’s newest release, “Hands of Glory,” which I will probably be gushing about in the next few weeks. Fellow blogger Amy Sweeney noted that it’s perfect for weather these days — ‘some of these days’ — but I digress, Andrew Bird puns aside, I think that everyone needs to really soak up these few weeks. And I mean that.

Though snow and the new year can give slight relief in January and February, the bulk of those months trudge along and don’t offer half as much fun and joy as what we’ve got right now.

I’ve got so much to do in the next few months, but the thing is, I’m not dreading it. I get excited for big plans this time of year. I can only see them adding to the harmonious nature of the times.

I look forward to picking through stores and online catalogues for some killer Christmas presents. Most of all, I look forward to finally getting all my tedious college applications out of the way and finally deciding the direction of the rest of my life. It’s all going to be so good, you don’t even know.

If you haven’t gathered it yet, my mood is good. The leaves have fallen, snow flurries have made a couple cameo appearances, some great music is hitting the airwaves (currently listening to the “All Songs Considered” Grizzly Bear session), and all of the people in my life are continuing to be the rock I need and the friends I long to live and laugh with.

Tis the season.

Questions, comments and concerns about the upcoming wintry months and how to spend them can be sent to [email protected] or you can tweet @thehippestcat.