Meet Samantha Memberg

Whether flying high, or standing at the base of a pyramid, sophomore Samantha Memberg is no newcomer to the cheerleading world. She has been cheering competitively for seven years, and been on the FHC varsity team for two years.

Standing 5’2”, she is your typical flyer, but being multi talented, she also bases. As a base, she has the responsibility for the girls while they’re in the air.

When Memberg isn’t practicing with the rest of the Spartan squad, or cheering at a game, she can be found practicing or competing with her competitive team, Cheer Legendz. Although cheering for two teams takes up a lot of her time, she doesn’t have any regrets.

“I just love competing and the rush you get when on the mat,” said Memberg.

Apart from cheering, she enjoys the time spent and the bonds developed with her team. Memberg has made some of her best friends through cheerleading.

“Samantha’s really fun to be around, and everytime I see her she’s always smiling,” said fellow cheerleader Alyssia Mcgoogan, “We all love her a lot.”