Sensations impress with new dances

This past Friday at FHC’s first Fan Fest, the Sensations performed their competition jazz and hip hop dances. The dance team had been working on the dances since September, but it was their first time performing them.

“Jazz is a Janet Jackson remix and hip hop is an airplane-themed dance,” said junior dancer Claire Richardson.

The crowd responded enthusiastically, clearly loving the dances. However, the dancers knew they needed to work on them more. This performance gave the team an idea of what they need to clean up for competition.

“The crowd seemed to like the dances a lot,” said junior Sensation Jessica Hyde. “Performing them helped us realize what we need to practice to prepare for upcoming events.”

On Nov. 28, the Sensations will dance in Family and Friends Night, and they have only five more practices until their upcoming competition, the Lindbergh Invitational on Dec. 1.

“It’s always awesome to perform for the school,” said Richardson.