Breaking down barriers

At Francis Howell’s board meeting on November 15, numerous groups fought for a chance to share their views, opinions, and needs to the board. Among these groups was Central’s own Breakdown FHC, an anti-bullying club that works to make sure students feel safe at school.

“Our main purpose is to stop bullying in our school. We want the school to be as safe as possible,” said senior Grayson Jostes.

The presentation was given by Central’s principal Dr. Sonny Arnel, science teacher Mr. Rohrback, and assistant principal Mr. Warner, along with Jostes and senior Anna Killpack. In doing so, the group hoped to send message to the district administration.

“We were trying to get the board to understand what our group is and does, and why we’re doing what we’re doing,” said Jostes.

He feels that the group accomplished what it wanted to, and sees a bright future for the group affiliation with the board.

“It went great. We did an amazing job and we’re hoping they’ll recognize our group and be more aware of our achievements in the future,” said Jostes.

Along with this, Killpack was recognized as the honorary student representative. This included being presented with the Superintendent’s Certificate and was able to participate in the board’s discussions.

“Each high school is given a couple nights a year that they have a student represent the student body as a whole,” said Killpack. “Dr. Arnel selects who [the student representative] will be when FHC has the weeks. I believe he chose me because I am involved in a lot of things at school and know what’s going on.”

With the chances to have the school represented at these events being so few and far between, the representative chosen is one seen as having strong character.

“He felt that I represent the school as far as character and education. It was just an opportunity to show the district and the board what we are doing to make the school a better place,” said Killpack.