Behind the Shield

The stories behind why students received their Silver Shield awards


Each year, faculty and staff members are allowed to select one student to honor with the Silver Shield award. The teacher is tasked with finding a student who best represents what it means to be a Spartan to them.

Thursday night was the ceremony where students found out who selected them for their award, but we spoke with some of the teachers to give them a chance to explain in more depth and detail why they selected their student.

Below is the order of teachers and students in the video above:
Mrs. Amy Zykan: LaQouri Williams
Mrs. Monica Wojciehowski: Brooke Conners
Mrs. Judy Switzer: Haley Simmonds
Mrs. Wendy Ahearn: Amy Cato
Mr. Dave Stofer: Chase Standefer
Mrs, Angie Syron: Quentin Wesley
Mrs. Cori Nelson: Rachel Fortney
Mrs. Trisha Morrow: Callie Bratsch
Mrs. Andrea Head: Ellie Cook
Mrs. Kim Maxwell: Cheyanne Thorpe
Mrs. Jessica Rowe: Riley Shea
Mrs. Teresa Odle: Vincent Brennan
Mr. Brian Warner: Kaleb Cissell
Mr. Jeremy Rohrbach: Angel Ikeda
Mrs. Jennifer Wyss: Macie Brieding
Ms. Michelle Berryman: George Broyles
Dr. Jennifer Miller: Emma Campbell
Mrs. Caitlin Crain: J.D. Salser
Mrs. Sarah Larue: Quentin Webert
Mrs. Elisabeth Baird: Gabrielle Loetz
Mrs. Ashley Mair: Zach Painter
Mrs. Laurie Penuel: Aleuria Alderson
Mrs. Shannon Carlson: Claudia Westhues
Mrs. Jane Kelley: Rachel Emery
Mrs. Roxanne Fetsch: Nick Cummings
Mrs. Ann Ross: Justin Klos
Mrs. Lisa Range: Sydney Wylie
Mrs. Amy Roznos: Gabriella Buccholz
Mrs. Patty Shockley: Michael Lloyd
Ms. Christina Young: Sam Safi
Mrs. Jessica Bulva:
Mr. Matthew Schott: Taylor Tinnes

Completed list of Silver Shield recipients:

First name of recipient Last name of recipient
Aleuria Alderson
Haley Anderson
Jackson Berck
Callie Bratsch
Macie Breiding
Vincent Brennan
George Broyles
Gabriella Buchholz
Emma Campbell
Jessica Carey
Amy Cato
Morgan Cervera
Kaleb Cissell
Brooke Conners
Olivia Convery
Gabrielle Cook
Hannah Cooper
Chyanne Crafton
Bobby Cross
Nick Cummings
Trent Diener
Ali Dodd
Olivia Doll
Rachel Emery
Rachel Fortney
Noah Foust
Taylor Fumagalli
Phillip (Joey) Gailus
Nathan Garthe
Jimmy Grant
Mariah Hampton
Tatianna Hanna
Nancy Heckenkamp
Penelope Hunter
Angelique Ikeda
Antwan Johnson
Sophie Julien
Justin Klos
Camren Kuchler
Joey Laski
Michael Lloyd
Gabrielle Loetz
Matthew Marciante
Sam McCord
Daniella Moore
Logan Morris
Abbi Nardi
Braxton Nolan
Dirk Oxenfeld
Zach Painter
Keenan Peebles
Amanda Raubach
Karlie Reams
Hannah Rodecap
Michael Rohman
Allison Ryan
Sam Safi
Jacob (JD) Salser
Emily Schniepp
Brad Schroeder
Keidra Scott
Riley Shea
Haley Simmonds
Skylr Smith
Phillip Smyly
Chase Standefer
Jared Stone
Jared Strange
Cheyanne Thorpe
Taylor Tinnes
Madilynn VanDillen
Hannah Vanover
Gabe Vendetti
Audrey Vendetti
Philip Vogel
Olivia Walker
Carlee Weber
Quentin Webert
Quentin Wesley
Claudia Westhues
LaQouri Williams
Emma Wolf
Sydney Wylie
Michael Yu
Emily Ziegler
Noah Zuckerman